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DOT (DMV/CDL) Examination

Our DOT (DMV/CDL) Examination Service is designed to facilitate certification of commercial drivers and operators in compliance with the requirements set by the CA DMV & Department of Transportation (DOT). We understand the critical role that commercial drivers play in keeping our roads safe, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you meet the necessary standards to perform your duties safely and legally.

How should I prepare for a DOT (DMV/CDL) physical?

All drivers want the exam process to go smoothly and easily, and it helps when you're well prepared. Maintaining good health through balanced diet & regular exercise, getting checkup periodically, and if necessary, taking your medications as prescribed, goes a long way to ensure that you will avoid all of the pre-exam anxiety and be able to pass your DOT exam each time.

Before your appointment, to save time, print the medical form (FMCSA form MCSA 5875), fill out page 1 & 2, and bring it to the exam. Otherwise, you be given the form to fill out before the examination.

Bring your glasses/contact or hearing aid if you have any vision or hearing issues that require their use while driving. Lastly, take all required medications as prescribed by your doctor at least an hour before the appointment. You shouldn't come with an empty stomach, but food should preferably be consumed an hour prior to the examination.

What does it take to pass a DOT (DMV/CDL) physical?

DOT physical is a short but critical process. The goal of the exam is to ensure that you are healthy enough to safely operate a commercial vehicle. It is not a regular physical and does NOT include a breast, gynecological or prostate exam. 

The exam will start with you filling out a medical form page 1 & 2 (FMCSA form MCSA 5875) that ask about your medical history. This includes past surgeries, list of current medications you take, as well as any existing health symptoms or medical conditions that you may have.

During the DOT examination, your medical examiner will test your hearing, vision, and blood pressure. A urine test (NOT a drug test) will be performed to check for signs of diseases. All of these tests require the medical examiner to adhere to specific requirements. A physical examination will then follow where all major body systems that may affect your ability to work will be evaluated.

What happens after the examination?

If you're deemed sufficiently safe and healthy, the examiner will issue you a Medical Examiner Certificate (FMCSA form MCSA 5876) that will be valid for up to two years. 

Any health concerns noted by the medical examiner that may prevent or delay certification will be made aware to you at that time. 

What to do if you fail the DOT (DMV/CDL) exam? 

There are existing medical conditions that have the potential to preclude driving due to their harmful nature, or due to their effects on your ability to drive. In many cases, however, properly managed health conditions may still allow drivers to pass the DOT physical and drive. The medical examiner will advise you if there are options to consider in order to pass and obtain your certificate. In some instances, even if you failed the exam, you're still qualify for a California intrastate restricted medical certificate (DL 51B) .

For further questions or concerns about medical requirements, you may visit the FMCSA’s FAQ page.  

Special Circumstances:

In the event that the exam revealed that you have monocular vision, please print out Vision Evaluation Report form (FMCSA form MCSA 5871) and bring to your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist for certification.

In the event that you are an insulin dependent diabetic, please print out Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form (FMCSA form MCSA 5870) and bring to your treating doctor for certification.

If you are on medications for health conditions that may affect driving, the medical examiner may require you to bring CMV Driver Medication Form (FMCSA form MCSA 5895) to your doctor for certification.





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